Thoth Spells are our BEST SELLERS! Since they give much satisfaction to our clients, we highly recommend them. You need a powerful spell, positive? Then you need a Toth Spell. Thoth is the deification of the Moon. The cycles of the Moon organize much of Egyptian rituals. The cosmic energies are not the same every night: they vary from new moon to full moon. Consequently, Thoth is considered as the God of wisdom and magic in Egyptian Mythology. Thatís why the spells cast thanks to Thothís powers are the most wanted ones: if you want to order a 100% successful spell, get one of these!

GET YOUR LOVER BACK: To present this magic spell, we could only publish a simple statistic: 75% of our clients are buying this very spell. Highly successful and effective, this real Egyptian witchcraft spell gives excellent and fast results. When your lover is lost and hope is gone, there is one last solution that works in many cases: cast a love spell.

COMMITTMENT SPELL: You need your lover to get engaged with you? Few spell casters can offer this kind of spell with the same results that we have! Keep in mind that you care for results. You donít want a weak spell giving no or few results, right? You want a clear solution! Once and for all! Then get this spell and your lover will be committed to you in the upcoming days! One last thing you must know: this spell is LIFE-LONG!

FIND YOUR SOULMATE: Donít you think that life has to be shared with someone? Life is much happier where you are two, right? Then, enhance and speed up your researches thanks to this authentic magic love spell. When you are considering finding perfect love, this spell gives great results and offers you happiness.


The goddess Isis is celebrated as the ideal mother and wife. She rules over nature and magic and listen to mortalsí prayers. For the purpose of having Osiris resurrected, Isis had to learn magic. Amun Ra revealed her the secret to perform grand rituals. In the entire Egyptian mythology, Isis is the most powerful magical deity. This range of spells is dedicated to the most difficult situations. If you have tried other spell casters before and had no success, maybe you should consider this offer. We are known to succeed where other failed!

BREAK THEM UP AND BRING BACK LOST LOVE: Do you think that your lover has been tricked by another person? Have you ever considered the fact that your partner could be under the influence of a spell? This new illegitimate relationship causing you pain is maybe based upon an evil spell that ruined your love lifeÖ This spell ends rapidly the relationship your lover has been lately involved in and restores the feelings between you both. Soon youíll know what the word happiness really means!

LOYALTY AND LOVE RESTORED SPELL: Do you feel your lover is not anymore concerned by your couple? Your partner chats with others than you all day long or even have sex affairs? Donít be afraid to change things rapidly! You have to react now! Donít let this dishonest situation being just ďnormalĒ! This real love spell restores love in a few days. Your partner will love you more than ever! Get a powerful spell to get fast results!


Osiris is the resurrected god of Life and Death. He travelled the corridors of time and cheated Death thanks to Isisí magic. Hence, he knows the secrets of life. He is also the lord of the dead, master of creation and destruction. Osiris spells are 100% customized spells. Contact us and tell us about your situation, we will study your case through our book of shadows and tell you if we have the right solution for you. Contact us NOW for a FREE CONSULTATION.


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